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National organizing committee

Corinne CHANEAC, C'Nano Director (Sorbonne University – LCMCP)

 Julie CARIMALO, C'Nano Scientific & Administrative Coordinator (CNRS)

Nils BALGOBIN, Innovation & Prospective Officer (CNRSC'Nano)

Christophe DECILAP, C'Nano Administrative Officer (CNRS)

Marieke MOREL, C'Nano Communication Officer (CNRS)


Local organizing committee


Katia FAJERWERG (University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier – LCC)

Myrtil KAHN (CNRS – LCC)


Etienne PALLEAU (INSA of Toulouse – LPCNO)


With the support of M2 students from the Master in Chemistry of the University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier in the frame
of the "C'Nano congress workshop" of their professionalization module.


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